Life gets entertaining once we start following our instincts that keep pressing certain buttons within ourselves. However, more often than not we ignore all these signs with a great excuse phrase which goes like this “it is not logical!” … Where did this Phrase get you so far in your life? yes not very far…Therefore it is not possible to start a journey if you start looking for something logical.
So why do we keep insisting on NOT following our gut feeling/the inner voice/instinct/the Fun adventures, why???
Well in order to find the answer I started a journey which is not logical at all…Once I started first thing hit me on the face was fear underneath that safe blanket of “it is not logical” defence. Fear is what keeps us stuck in our unhappy places for a very long time. Fear of not finding what we want if we follow our dream is the greater fear within fear. Losing hope, using words of excuse such as what if.  We are fearful of not finding happiness, adventure, fun, so in order for us to not lose the hope of finding it, we never dare to search for it at the first place…Does it make any sense?

So what ever that little thing you always wanted to do, start doing it and let me know how it feels. Im now going on a mini journey which I will share shortly.
Bye for now

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