Every Relationship has a song…Island

IMG_4354 I’ve recently found myself pleasantly dancing to a song called Island ( https://youtu.be/snqrhvLKMK4 ),which made me realise every relationship has a song even if you don’t chose one. That one song choses you to represent your time spent with that one person! The Song is not just a random one, it also describes both parties, their state of minds, place that they are in their life. In other words the “relationship song” contains a lot of clues about ourselves. These songs that naturally become the songs of our certain relationships, they are reflections of our relationships. With this new found enlightenment, I wanted to test it on myself. My current one is called ISLAND. Such an  upbeat song with great progression, it makes me feel good. Similar to my relationship. After some thinking, I guess me and my partner are both individuals, in a way “islands”. We are perfectly fine in our own world in our own islands, totally self-sufficient. It also feels great to visit a different island (almost as a holiday) on an as and when basis. Knowing that we both can always escape back to our own islands. All is good but what is the problem with living on ISLAND or worst being an ISLAND ? Is it really a relationship? Is it what the modern world, new energies, new earth turning into? I started to dig even deeper into my heart to realise that Island is lonely or sometimes too crowded place. Island is not where I would constantly choose to be. Island is an escape, it is a break to gather thoughts, it is nice whilst you are there with the knowledge that you will go back home soon.

Is this path to awareness, acceptance and spirituality or modern life/capitalism survival that is turning us into islands? Answer to this questions is NO, We are!  With our choices turning ourselves into islands. We are making these choices with the great excuse of it is life I have to be this way. Why are we in a relationship if we have this great desire to be Islands, why can’t we be part of a huge continent? 🙂 We are one as part of a whole. Why is it too hard to accept we are neither smaller nor bigger with our partners, we are part of one as always.
Knowing all this, would you still choose to be an Island?
Awareness is knowing, be aware of your choices and know yourself.
What is your song? and what does it tell about your relationship?

1 thought on “Every Relationship has a song…Island”

  1. Now you get me thinking:) first song pops in my mind is “love is an open door”! Its a wide open door and the decision to enter or not is solely the individuals decision. We choose to perceive our dreams or not, everything is US doing. Face your dreams and enter through the door, come what may. If you have love in your heart, every journey will take you back to a deeper place in your soul and ultimately, and hopefully … You will have a clearer vision of yourself… That you are love and that there is nothing else more:) thanks love for making me contemplate on this thought once again!

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