What was that Full Moon? and October Energies


During the month of October new energies are continuing to make their way into our lives to trigger what is within such as fear of disappointment, fear of failure, sense of insecurity and more so sense of loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling that doesn’t go away regardless of how busy a social agenda you have or how many friends and family members you have around you. This is a feeling that makes you feel like you are the only one, alone to do whatever there is that require your attention. You cannot rely on anyone or ask for help, perhaps it is a deeper feeling to an extent which feels that everyone expecting you to do something, achieve something, or be someone.

Within these thoughts we often lose ourselves whilst trying to dig ourselves out of it by thinking even harder. If you were to step out of this vicious circle for a moment, one would realise that thinking in too much detail got us here at the first place. Therefore thinking even more, is not going to help you! Especially when current energies are so overwhelming .

You may experience feelings of self-inflicted anger outbursts due to indecisiveness. Feelings of being trapped and cannot move forward. Instead you keep searching deeper into the oblivion without realising.

At this moment you have two choices of your free will, one is to follow these deep dark feelings to further go into the lower frequencies, or you can choose to rise above and have a look at all of this chaos from a birds eye point view.

Full Moons in general offer to any individual who has an intention to heal themselves to look into their naked soul and move into their new life programme in order to be able to walk in to your new life free and light.

Without resistance, exploring our own creative power which is our natural birth right is achievable through meditating deep into the feeling of your own power and realisation of how you create your own reality and world.

Strong energies of this month is also helpful for activating imagination and creating your own world going into a high frequency dimension where you are free of questions, insecurity, fear and lack of love.

What you resist persists, it is time to let go of our resistance to find a bit of sanity within the craziness of recent cosmic showers.

Keep sane, one day at a time.



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