Slow Down and Listen To Your Answers

bodrumI once heard that if you are feeling lonely you need to be alone with your soul; your inner self, higher self, inner voice whichever way you would prefer to refer. At the end I decided to spend some time with myself (in this case by myself too).

Travelled slightly far away to a smaller town, still not that obsolete however a good stop over to begin with. Despite our complaints about big cities, its chaos and mixed up heavy energies; we are still addicted to it to a degree. Hence the reasoning of my first stopover.

First morning was amazing, woke up rested and early with the help of sunshine of gold, solidly reflected by the sea and earth as well. After a light breakfast, started to realise slowing down does not necessarily mean acting or moving slow. It means noticing what is happening, noticing what you are manifesting, realising it is only you directing your movie. Realising you are not helpless and trying to survive in someone else’s world. You are what you are and your reality is shaped by your choices.

Slowing down is doing everything for yourself, and doing for yourself doesn’t mean you are selfish, quite the contrary! Feeding yourself means doing for the greater good, for the bigger picture. Painting your part of the great masterpiece. Not so different to Michelangelo and the Sistine chapel. He didn’t do it on his own. Everyone worked with him did their piece accepting their role in it.

You can’t listen when you are talking. Slowing down is listening. Listening your answers from the universe that you have been talking to all the time. You keep asking asking asking, then raging for them not coming true. Did you listen? Did you listen to your answers? Have you seen the master plan that has been tried so many times in so many different ways for you to comprehend? Give yourself and universe a break for a change. Slow down and listen…

As Rumi says, “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen”

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