We spend so much time judging everything and everyone around us. In time we become so efficient that we even prejudge by standardising our judgement categories so that we can quickly put everyone into these pre-made boxes.
The question is; why do we do it?  We are trying to protect our vulnerable side with this method. The fact is what we think vulnerable about us, might not even be vulnerable. This is the tricky part! We are actually judging (condemning) ourselves to be weak, powerless and vulnerable. Therefore we think these weaknesses needs protection and prejudgement boxes comes in handy for the safety. Feeling insecure we hide behind judgements so that no one sees who we really are.

Simply, we judge others because we judge ourselves! Where does it end?
The necessity to judge is simply a choice that we unconsciously make every day because that’s the cultural norm that has been loaded upon our society. The only way out from this vicious circle is to become more aware of this pattern. Next time we can choose to be brave and allow our insecurities to be seen. Perhaps we will realise that there is nothing to be afraid of.
Therefore we are stronger.
Therefore we are not judging ourselves nor others any longer.

The higher our consciousness gets, the more we can realise that life is nothing but choices. Choose your thoughts, feelings and behaviour; in return the world you create will mirror exactly what you choose.
We can choose to trust our decisions, we can choose to trust life, we can choose to realise our power, we can choose to accept our weaknesses, we can choose to see our fears and let them go. We can choose to live fully rather than hiding behind judgements.



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