Last Super Moon of 2019

Tonight, is the brightest and the last Super moon for 2019 for the world. Take your time to step outside and look up to the sky into this beauty. As you watch one of the favourite light reflecting miracles visible from earth, perhaps its time to remember to look into yourselves; into another light reflecting beauty- the self.

This last Super Moon may be the last chance this year to allow yourselves to tune into the new cosmic vibrations. This moon serves as a worldwide initiation to change. Use it wisely to be brave enough to take a leap of faith and surrender into your true, brightest self. Your brightest self is the one telling you about changing your job, your lifestyle, your relationships, letting go of the past and exploring what is new. Your true self have been telling you to explore the unknown and you have been ignoring it.

Good news is now with the effect of this Super moon, even if you like it or not you are going into the unknown. If you choose to let go and explore endless possibilities it sure will be much more fun.

Enjoy the ride and the bright light.