The path, way to your heaven

Currently everyone is experiencing their own reality in their own space as well as what is happening in the collective consciousness of the world.

Beneath the surface of what seems to be a world wide pandemic, what is happening? Or perhaps a more important question is what is happening to you? After all what you see is what you are, you are the world and world is you.

Though it may not have been realised by the mass before, you are thinking, living and creating your own choices. Perhaps this time in hand, is so perfect to bravely walk that much dreaded path. It may seem lonely but at the end of it, its your true-self waiting to greet you! Without any more delay its perfect timing to unleash yourself and achieve true freedom. Not just the taught freedom- which was randomly “socialising” in a crowd where you felt alone and judged. Or earning money at a job which is not inline with your creative soul.

Now show your true colours to yourself and make peace with them all by accepting without judgement. Do you feel insufficient, ugly, scared, boring, unattractive, not clever enough,anxious, worried, rejected etc etc. Own it all and accept its ok to be this way .

So no more hiding them, hiding yourself. Set them free to be seen, liberate yourself from all the burdens.

Walk your path which ever way it seems. Its yours, its unique and beautiful. Full of excitement and joy.

Remember to truly enjoy yourself again. You are joy after all.