We spend so much time judging everything and everyone around us. In time we become so efficient that we even prejudge by standardising our judgement categories so that we can quickly put everyone into these pre-made boxes.
The question is; why do we do it?  We are trying to protect our vulnerable side with this method. The fact is what we think vulnerable about us, might not even be vulnerable. This is the tricky part! We are actually judging (condemning) ourselves to be weak, powerless and vulnerable. Therefore we think these weaknesses needs protection and prejudgement boxes comes in handy for the safety. Feeling insecure we hide behind judgements so that no one sees who we really are.

Simply, we judge others because we judge ourselves! Where does it end?
The necessity to judge is simply a choice that we unconsciously make every day because that’s the cultural norm that has been loaded upon our society. The only way out from this vicious circle is to become more aware of this pattern. Next time we can choose to be brave and allow our insecurities to be seen. Perhaps we will realise that there is nothing to be afraid of.
Therefore we are stronger.
Therefore we are not judging ourselves nor others any longer.

The higher our consciousness gets, the more we can realise that life is nothing but choices. Choose your thoughts, feelings and behaviour; in return the world you create will mirror exactly what you choose.
We can choose to trust our decisions, we can choose to trust life, we can choose to realise our power, we can choose to accept our weaknesses, we can choose to see our fears and let them go. We can choose to live fully rather than hiding behind judgements.



B’Lessed To Be More


We all want to be special. We don’t want to be ourselves as if that is not special. Special in our mind is always something else. Perfect look, perfect feeling, perfect place, perfect soul is always something else. In the mean time whilst we don’t accept ourselves, we seek acceptance and approval of others to feel special. Which in turn makes one invisible. As ironic as it is, this is the pattern we follow.

Do you not think patterns have completed their duties and it is time to break free of them? End of this month is perfect timing for breaking patterns and discovering new depths within yourselves. 31st of January is a rare occasion of the Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse; which means you can break your pattern/s that existed even before you were born. Same as every full moon, it’s a door opening to new beginning should you choose to allow it.

End of this month is certainly a special day and a special moon; however when you think about it the moon is not trying to be special. Its not trying to be something more than what it is. It is just being the moon as it has always been.

From a very young age we are encouraged and expected to do more and to be better. What we do or who we are as it is never seems to be sufficient. Therefore our instinct learned to work towards being more. Struggling for more leaves us short of confidence, feeling content, satisfaction and more importantly self love.

Therefore with the new energies coming with the Blue Moon, I choose to break my pattern and be less. I choose to accept “I’m perfect as I’m”. I choose ME. I’m ‘B’lessed”. For that I choose to be less to get more. Would you like to join me with making new choices?







Bazen tesir almak lazım ruhundan

Yüreğini izleyip, düşünmeden yola çıkmak

Kalemini çıkartıp yazı yazmak, denizin kokusunu alıp görüntüsünü boş vermek.

Kendinden bile sıkılırsın bazen, koyamassın hiç bir yere kendini. Bilemezsin neredesin kimsin…

İzin vermek lazım bazen halden hale girmeye, girince çıkmaya, çıkarken yaşamaya…

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What was that Full Moon? and October Energies


During the month of October new energies are continuing to make their way into our lives to trigger what is within such as fear of disappointment, fear of failure, sense of insecurity and more so sense of loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling that doesn’t go away regardless of how busy a social agenda you have or how many friends and family members you have around you. This is a feeling that makes you feel like you are the only one, alone to do whatever there is that require your attention. You cannot rely on anyone or ask for help, perhaps it is a deeper feeling to an extent which feels that everyone expecting you to do something, achieve something, or be someone.

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Umut ve Suzluk

An’ı ve olanı algılamayınca, görmezden gelince yaşanılanların değerini; umut devreye girer! Bizi kavrayıp kaldırması için. Umutla yaşamaya başlarız ki ileride daha iyi olacağı kanısı ile… Umutla yaşamak da umutsuzluk kadar bu anı yakalayamamakdır. Umut evren tarafından okunduğu şekli ile ertelemekdir.

Umutla yarına sarılanda, anda ve anında hazir IMG_4760olmamayı okur evren. Yaşamayı, yaşama sevincini şartlı olarak sonra yaşamaya ertelemek diye adleder evren.

Yaşamın an’ında olanları kabul edermiş gibi yaparak yarından medet ummak değil midir?

Halbuki teklik ve yaşam şimdi burada olandadır. Yaşama sevinci, coşkusu anda yaşanan tecrübedir. Yargisizca kabul edilen belki üzüntü, belki korkudaki enerjiyi yok saymadan kabul etmekdir. Yaşamı cazip ve eğelenceli kılan da bu bilinmezliği değil midir? Umut ve umutsuzluğa gerek kalmadan belirsizliği yaşamak ve kontrolu bırakmak daha hafif ve eğelenceli olmaz mı? Felekden bir yaşam çalalım o zaman! Ertelemeden ışığa doğru yolculuğa devam….


Regret vs Acceptance

How many times does one play the same conversation, same scene in their mind over and over again as if it can be altered? How many times can one overdo the thinking knowing it causes nothing but a feeling of uselessness, pain and regret? How many times one tell themselves what if I said this what if he/she did that? …well the answer is trillions…As human beings we love using our brain but not always constructively! we tend to concentrate on things that cannot be changed rather than things we can create with our powerful brain and thought process.

Let’s understand a simple rule of the game we play called life; we are all co-creators and we create our own events, world, universe in other words LIFE. We create first with thoughts then words. We fuel our thoughts with frequency and energy in order to bring them into life.

Now that its clear how we throw ourselves into all sorts of mess, lets start helping ourselves to untangle this web of chaos.

The moment of enlightenment comes when we realise the pattern behind our actions. Once realised comes the acceptance.

Regret only activates the same pattern again, as the universe reads it as if you are recalling similar events again to understand your path.

What ever the trauma, chaos, drama you are in just take a second and tell yourself now I see, now I understand. It couldn’t have happened any other way otherwise It would have. Therefore now that I can see what I have created, I am moving in to my new life programme and creating with positive energy. Take your own power in hand and start becoming the co-creator that you are.

This power you have which is the strongest of all is LOVE. Accepting with love, soothing with love, healing with love. Love is all you need!

Love that is in the now, despite your mind being in the past or future you are undeneyably in the now. Notice that  it is here and now and can not be any other way.

Every Relationship has a song…Island

IMG_4354 I’ve recently found myself pleasantly dancing to a song called Island ( https://youtu.be/snqrhvLKMK4 ),which made me realise every relationship has a song even if you don’t chose one. That one song choses you to represent your time spent with that one person! Continue reading “Every Relationship has a song…Island”



Life gets entertaining once we start following our instincts that keep pressing certain buttons within ourselves. However, more often than not we ignore all these signs with a great excuse phrase which goes like this “it is not logical!” … Where did this Phrase get you so far in your life? yes not very far…Therefore it is not possible to start a journey if you start looking for something logical. Continue reading “Journey”