Slow Down and Listen To Your Answers

bodrumI once heard that if you are feeling lonely you need to be alone with your soul; your inner self, higher self, inner voice whichever way you would prefer to refer. At the end I decided to spend some time with myself (in this case by myself too).

Travelled slightly far away to a smaller town, still not that obsolete however a good stop over to begin with. Despite our complaints about big cities, its chaos and mixed up heavy energies; we are still addicted to it to a degree. Hence the reasoning of my first stopover.

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What was that Full Moon? and October Energies


During the month of October new energies are continuing to make their way into our lives to trigger what is within such as fear of disappointment, fear of failure, sense of insecurity and more so sense of loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling that doesn’t go away regardless of how busy a social agenda you have or how many friends and family members you have around you. This is a feeling that makes you feel like you are the only one, alone to do whatever there is that require your attention. You cannot rely on anyone or ask for help, perhaps it is a deeper feeling to an extent which feels that everyone expecting you to do something, achieve something, or be someone.

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Life gets entertaining once we start following our instincts that keep pressing certain buttons within ourselves. However, more often than not we ignore all these signs with a great excuse phrase which goes like this “it is not logical!” … Where did this Phrase get you so far in your life? yes not very far…Therefore it is not possible to start a journey if you start looking for something logical. Continue reading “Journey”